This page is for first time Tower Weenies who are actually going to run that hill.

There are two problems that can be frustrating about The Tower Run and they both involve the schedule.

1.    I won't schedule this run more than a week in advance because it is weather dependent.  And, worse, I will postpone it if the weather turns crappy at the last minute.  I have no interest in making this more of a test than it already is so the day we actually go will be pleasant.  We will aim for sometime in late May or early June.

2.    The very worst thing, in terms of schedule, happens if I start the run and discover I am having a "slump day."  A slump day is a day my heart rate won't respond to a load.  This is called chronotropic incompetence and it is a pain in the neck in terms of scheduling hard or long efforts.  Before I finish even the first mile my heart rate monitor tells me how the run is going to go.  If I hit a hundred or so within a mile I know I am probably going to be able to enjoy the run if I don't push it too hard.  If my Polar shows me a heart rate in the eighties or low ninties after a mile of jogging I know I am going to be uncomfortable at any effort level.

Three or four years ago I ran The Tower with John B.  After a mile I knew this wasn't going to be a fun afternoon but I decided to tough it out and complete the run anyway.  This was a big mistake and I will never make it again.  I know the uncertainty is a big inconvenience for my running partners but it's part of this operation and I don't know how to fix it.

Usually my slumps only last two or three days so if I feel rotten I will just stop running, walk or jog back to the cabin and, if the weather holds, postpone The Tower two days.

PS  Out of twenty five times up The Tower I have only had two slump days so we can hope everything goes off as planned.