Once again Coll fired the first shot of The 2019 Tower Power Trash Talk Season.
Is everyone else out there dead??

BC - 5/6/19 - I heard Leon is retired, maybe he can stay back at camp and do the cookin’.

*  *  *  *  * 

6/18 - Juli

Alright, since I am a Tower Weenie Newbie and haven’t experienced the Tower Run before, I don’t think I’ve earned my Trash Talk badge yet.

HOWEVER, I want to Trash Talk the Trash-Talkers for their pathetic the absence of Trash Talking so far. I have been looking forward to juicy back-and-forth wrestling matches with words among Trash Talkers, but one comment from Bob Coll isn’t that exciting.  (No words from Bob are exciting - JJ)  I am not sure if I should be more disappointed in the Trash Talkers, themselves, or the organizer of this whole thing whose friend group isn’t as spicy and entertaining as I thought they were. 

*  *  *  *  *  *
6/27 - Mestler - Do me a favor and wipe the floor with Tim’s ass.

6/27/19 - Craig -  (Who decided to use the shotgun appraoch and just fire away at everyone.  I like it.  Now we'll see who has some fight in 'em. JBJ)

I see Bob fired the first shots…so I’ll respond to him first:

@Bob…this crew would love if I stayed back to cook…1) despite what Jaqua’s claims, I make the best burgers in town 2) you are all probably pretty tired of staring at my ass going up the hill (if you even see it!). Isn’t there a soccer game to watch in Portland on the 5th?

@Jim…since we are 8 days out, I fully expect another fake heart attack this weekend…one that will give you a built in excuse if you don’t finish next Friday, but also serves to make you look like a hero again if you do finish. Anyone in Hendrick’s Park this weekend should beware of any skinny-old-half-naked runners claiming to have heart issues…FAKE NEWS! 

@Juli…speaking of injuries and excuses, you’ll probably use the Butte-to-Butte race as an out…you’ll hurt something or your legs will be too beat up to run the next day. The Tower Run isn’t Rupp-certified, so I’m not sure you’re up to the task.

@Big Nate…I’m fully expecting you to back out of this thing with a last minute excuse as well…actually, probably two excuses...that are identical

@Tim…this is the Tower Run, not the Tower Race Walk. Didn’t Jim tell you? 

@JB & Ron…it looks like it’ll just be us three running after all the other weenies back out….see you on Friday!

6/27 - JBJ - If we are going to disparage anyone we should start with the non combatants.  I haven't heard zilch, zero, nada from Josh, Shad or anyone named TRUAX.  If anyone is wussing out and he/she could at least man up and say so.
** *  *  *  *
6/28 - JBJ - Mestler is a wuss.  He had the nerve to ask someone else to "wipe the floor with Tim's ass."  This request, no doubt, is based on his fear that he is not capable of doing it himself.
6/28 - JBJ - Johnny T is a wuss.  After years of back trouble he decided, right before the Tower Run, to have surgery.  The perfect excuse.  And perfect timing.
6/28 - JBJ - Wendy T is a wuss.  She not only won't run, she won't cook burgers or serve beer because her daughter is getting married out of town.  Wendy could have told her daughter that she wouldn't be available during the Tower Run, but NO.
6/28 - JBJ - Mr. Coll has decided all this trash talk is scary.  He is leaving town to avoid a serious ass whupping.

7/04 - JBJ  - I texted Leon and asked if he won Butte to Butte.  His response - I ran wild out there today and kicked their asses.  Ready to kick some more ass tomorrow.

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